Every Ohioan who works hard and plays by the rules deserves their fair share. No family should struggle to put food on the table or worry about being able to fill a prescription because they don’t earn a livable wage. Congress needs to act fast to increase the minimum wage to modern standards and support working people. Job training for the future will help communities cope with automation and other fast-moving changes to our economy. Threats to unionized labor championed by Republicans need to end. Investments in American infrastructure and students need to be a priority. Trillion dollar tax scams paid for by tax hikes on the middle class need to be a thing of the past. Together, we can create an economic environment that will encourage job creation, but we need representatives in Congress willing to put in the hard work.



Day after day, GOP Members of Congress continue their attacks on the Affordable Care Act and risk the healthcare of thousands of Ohioans. That needs to end now. The ACA was a good start, but American families need a Congress willing to work together to craft a plan to provide healthcare to everyone — starting with expanding Medicare. In the meantime, we need to protect Medicaid programs that millions of Americans rely on, and move immediately to restore the Children’s Health Insurance Program.



We are in the midst of a nationwide addiction crisis, and our communities right here in Ohio are at the epicenter. Fatality rates from overdose deaths are going up, and our representatives in Washington are more interested in protecting drug companies than putting an end to the opioid epidemic. We need to work together to find real solutions to this problem — starting with treatment programs proven to save lives and get people back their feet. Addiction doesn’t discriminate against young or old, rich or poor. It affects every community, and it will take a country united and determined to find an answer to end it. We can do good by continuing to clamp down on over-prescription of pain medications, making it harder to send fentanyl to the United States, and supporting those local programs already showing results.



While the American economy moves forward, our roads and bridges are crumbling. Robust investment in our nation’s infrastructure will create jobs and support small businesses. It’s a common sense policy that requires strong leadership. By revamping our nation’s infrastructure, we can help bring internet connectivity to rural communities, smart city technology to growing towns, and advanced transportation hubs to big cities. We can also work to make our communities cleaner and environmentally friendly. Instead of destroying our public lands by extracting questionable coal and oil reserves, we can help make Ohio a manufacturing center for solar panels and wind turbines. The transition to a clean energy future will take work, but will increase the economic opportunities available to our children and protect the environment for generations.



A good education shouldn’t be out of reach for any student in Ohio. Congress can do more to support our public schools and provide the compensation hardworking teachers deserve. Investing in our schools is an investment in our economy, and students across Ohio need to learn the cutting-edge technologies of the future while having access to nutritious meals and the classroom resources they need to succeed. If any child wants to continue their education — whether by studying at a four-year university, earning an Associate’s Degree at a community college, or learning a skilled trade — they should be able to do so without taking on debt that will weigh them down for decades.



We’ve made tremendous progress ensuring equality for all Americans in recent years, but now those protections are under threat. Congress needs to start listening to Ohioans who are calling for anti-discrimination laws for the LGBTQ+ community and an end to the war on reproductive healthcare. Women, and especially women of color, deserve equal pay in the workplace, and Ohio taxpayers should no longer foot the bill when Members of Congress provide settlement packages to silence accusations of sexual harassment. Immigrants who call the United States home have waited long enough for a clean DREAM Act, and discriminatory immigration bans have no place in U.S. law. It’s time for a Congress that is willing to stand up for everyone in our country, no matter what they look like, where they come from, or who they love.



While Republicans in Congress make plans to cut funding for Medicare and Social Security, we know that endangering the financial security of our seniors is not good policy. We’ve got to stand up for the programs that support our seniors all across America, and continue making investments in programs that lower drug prices and increase access to healthcare in their communities. Retired workers also deserve the support of a Congress that is willing to fight to protect their pensions — breaking decades-long promises at the expense of hardworking folks is unacceptable.



Ohioans know that our country is not on the right track. Our economy, our healthcare system, even our politics — none of it is working the way it’s supposed to. Our democratic traditions and institutions are under attack, truth and decency in government have been abandoned, and foreign adversaries are working hard to destabilize our country from within. The Republicans in Congress are letting it happen in the blind pursuit of power, to benefit their ultra-wealthy donors. Our democracy and the freedoms it guarantees are worth defending at all costs — and that starts with getting money out of politics, abolishing unfair gerrymanders, and guaranteeing voting rights.

I want to do better for Ohio.

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